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so here we go

Last night I read the "Church Porch" section of The Temple, with its lengthy, didactic (I use the term here neutrally/descriptively, not critically) "Perirrhanterium" (which, according to the gloss in the Penguin edition, is "an instrument for sprinkling holy water, especially upon the newly baptised"). A couple things I'll be paying attention to as I shift to the shorter lyrics in the subsequent section:

1.) the architectural metaphor that structures the whole book (nowhere more blatantly than in the first lyric of the "Church" section, "The Alter"); and

2.) the radical shift in the rhetorical structure and tone of the verse (i.e., the shift from a didactic, authoritative voice addressing a young newcomer to the church, to an intimate, isolated, often insecure voice addressing God/Christ and/or himself)--Herbert's lyrics are generally read detached from the context supplied by the opening section, and I'll be interested to see, reading The Temple as a unity, how the agenda (for lack of a better word) established in "The Church Porch" colors/shades the more famous lyrics that follow.
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I checked out George Herbert's poetry from the local college library. I've been busy, but am thinking about this community and hoping it takes root. I think we need to be very vigilant because I've found the mortality rate of livejournal communities to be very high.

Maybe we could separate the process of researching the poetry into different categories. Assign these categories to the different members of our community. Then, make a date that each member will lead a discussion about that topic.

I don't know how that would exactly work though... Maybe that's too complex and we can just say that everyone should post once a month, as well as hopefully comment on others posts, and that in their posts they should try to lead a discussion and not have it be too opaque and hard to contribute too.

Also... I noticed the livejournal has a community spotlight page on it's homepage now. Maybe we can see if poetofthemonth can be advertised there and potentially we can get more members. Not that that is necessary of the seven of us contribute faithfully.
also... at the very least, we could agree that reading of the Temple is due on say March 24th, which gives us the last weekend of March to have the discussion.
we could vote on April's poet soon... Maybe we could just take four names from out user's interests list and vote for one of them. ‡
Thanks for the reminder. I've been stalled on Herbert for a while (in case you couldn't tell). I'll try to get back to The Temple this weekend. I'd like not to have to plow through it, though, as that would kind of defeat the whole point of this community, which was to force me to do sustained readings of these poets. I'll start thinking about April, though. If you have any preferences don't hesitate to make them known.